You are invited to be part of us as a member to:

  1. Address food security issues for energy via cooperative farming
  2. Address housing security issues for rest via cooperative shelter
  3. Address water issues for health via cooperative watercure

These issues require contribution from those involved to promote peace and security in our land via Agriculture for job creation.

These contribution could be your talent, your energy, your time, your money, your properties, in fact your relationship.

We put all these contributions together in the SMATRAD system which means project supervision, project marketing, project advocacy, project training, project research and development.

This system produces the training centres where we seek knowledge(for all member) and build co-operative society units to where we seek financial support(business members only).

This is a system that says lets co-own, meaning fractional ownership, at the grass root ownership level, junior and senior levels.

We drive this awareness with campaign fund of #20 minimum per day = #600 per month

While the food & shelter project co-operative contribution with #50 per day = #1,500.00 per month.

The total minimum contribution to be an active member becomes #2,100.00 per month as a grassroots’ member.

Step by step membership requirement before


  1. FORM——————————————————————————————————————-N3,000.00
  2. PASSPORT—————————————————————————————————————N500.00
  3. FIRST ANNUAL DUES—————————————————————————-N7,200.00 or N72,000.00
  4. MONTHLY DUES———————————————————————————-N2,100.00 or N21,000.00
  5. D CARD—————————————————————————————————————N1,000.00
  6. SHIRT—————————————————————————————————————–N2,500.00
  7. COVER ALL————————————————————————————————————-N5,000.00
  8. FIDELITY BANK A/C————————————————————————————————–N2,500.00
  9. GLO CUG NEW LINE————————————————————————————————-N1,500.00
  10. GLO CUG OLD LINE———————————————————————————————–N3,500.00
  11. DYNAPHARM REGISTRATION AS FARMER ======================================NOT STABLE.

              You can pick these items one by one according to capacity.      



Please check breakdown

After buying your form of #3000.00 you can key in as

  1. An Ivory member (Grass root) with #7,200.00 and monthly minimum contribution of #2,100.00.Analyze as follows: #2,100.00 =
    State co-operative – #750.00
    LGA co-operative – #750.00
    Admin – #500.00
    DG camp – #100.00.Later community co-operative of #500.00 which may be extracted from the #750.00 to make all levels #500.00 each, comes in.
  1. Ivory grass root tenant member with, #7,200.00 and monthly minimum contribution of #2,500.00 plus your rent e.g. tenant whose rent is #10,000.00 per month, will make a monthly contribution of #12,500.00.The #2,500.00 =
    State co-operative – #750.00
    LGA co-operative – #750.00
    Admin – #500.00
    DG camp – #500.00.Later community co-operative of #500.00 which may be extracted from the #750.00 to make all levels #500.00 each, comes in.Ivory grass root Landlord with #7,200.00 and monthly minimum contribution of #3,000.00. LGA co-operative = #750.00, Admin. #500.00, DG camp #1000.00. Later community co-operative of #500.00 which may be extracted from the #750.00 to make all levels #500.00 each, comes in.
  2. Bronze [Junior Landlord] with #36,000.00 and monthly minimum contribution #10,500.00. The #10,500.00 = State co-operative #3,,750.00, LGA co-operative #3,750.00, Admin. #2,000.00, DG camp #1,000.00. Later community co-operative of #2,500.00 which may be extracted from the #3,750.00 to make all levels #2,500.00, comes in. 
  3. Senior Landlord [Silver member] #72,000.00 and monthly contribution of #21,000.00. The #7,200.00 = State co-operative #7,500.00, LGA co-operative #7,500.00, Admin. #5,000.00, DG camp #1,000.00. Later community co-operative of #5,000.00 which may later be extracted from the #7,500.00 to make all levels #5,000.00 each, comes in.

These members condition are subject to be reviewed from time to time.

There are also higher level of membership like Gold, Diamond, Platinum etc.

Benefits of Alltofarm landlord
  • Project co-ownership
  • Take up the farmer’s voice
  • Generating weight to with stand any investment
  • Grow from fractional ownership into personal or full ownership
  • Promote unity among landlord and create wealth with tenant
  • Alltofarm landlord can grow into properties
  • Grow into the biggest internet property network
  • The biggest in farm industry, water industry, food industry, shelter industry with foreign partners coming in with their technologies
  • Grow into a bank (Food & Shelter Bank)
  • Start a micro credit investment program
  • Grow into grants
  • Raising millionaire from their members
  • Creating jobs for our people
Compensation for membership drive

*For interested funding and business members only.

Introduce one member to us as an Ivory or Silver member paying N10,200 or N75,000 at entry point…
– You get
N1,020 or N7,500 credited into your Bank account.

If you introduce 10 funding people into Alltofarm…
– Y
ou get N10,200 or N75,000  paid into your bank account.

The more funding members you get “REGISTERED” in to Alltofarm…
the more money is credited into your bank account.

Simply telling  MORE PEOPLE can lead to HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of Alltofarm Members!
Meaning anyone whose registration comes through you sends N1,020 or N7,500 to your bank accounts.
This also
applies to all those you brought in – that is if they do also like you have done.

How ?

Simply share Alltofarm with others and encourage them to share with others people too.

  • If your 10 people gets their 10 i.e 100, you get N30,000, or N300,000 credited to your bank account in N300(s) or N3,000(s) per member form processed in your 2nd Level.
  • N120,000 or N1.2m[silver] to farm,1 to 10 acres land minimum to farm on- and one week training on ability and attitude development with free accommodation and feeding during training.

Additionally, if our intended arrangement with relevant authorities is to work out then, we will appreciate their recommended support. For example it is our intention to request support from each state government to provide extra N500,000 while  our banking partner provides another N500,000, making a total of N1,120,000 or N2,200,000 to members who have worked.


ALLTOFARM’s N120,000 or N 1,200,000 support is free, deduced from membership due as our suppose income dedicated to empower committed members in membership drive; but support from the government and our banking partners may be loan. While for those who do not believe in membership drive, they will have to get support from grant or co-operative loan as cluster group.

*This you may enjoy Yearly, If minimum of active membership in your level 2 is up to 100 yearly.

Note also:

When your level 2 = 5 persons…
– You get a carton of
Cassalina or its equivalent;

If your level 2 = 10 persons…
– You get one Mineral water pot or its equivalent.

The journey continues with level 3 where your 100 at level 2 gets their 10 each i.e 1000 members x N150 or N1,500 = N150,000 or N1,500,000 yearly.

Level 4 = 10,000 members x 150 or 1,500= N1.5m or N15m yearly.

Payment may continue in this order to level 6 yearly.

  1. It is either you are an observing member where no financial commitment is expected of you
  2. Or a funding member where only the campaign fund is expected of you
  3. Or a business member where both campaign fund and co-operative contribution is expected of you

These are the people who want to recover their non refundable campaign  fund from their co-operative dividend. They are the once qualify for empowerment or loan. They will enjoy technical support provided such farm is within the central farm cover.

The profit of central farm is divided into 4. 25% to Investor, 25% to Operator, 25% for Expansion, and 25% for Administrative.

But the profit from your personal farm is 100 percent yours. With some expectation of appreciation according to capacity from you.

Thank you

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