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What Is The Idea About Alltofarm?

The three basic needs of man are food (water inclusive), shelter and clothing. Of these three no serious attention is attached to food, water and shelter.

Our people are forgetting that only farmers can survive economic war. The plea of the government for youths to embrace agriculture is falling on deaf ears. For these same ears to listen, before it is too late or before it is cut off, that is why the idea of ALLTOFARM where every child that is up to six years can participate in the campaign for food because of what he/she stands to gain via partnership drive and mentorship. The idea of using MLM concept to mobilize African youths and women into agriculture, watercure and low cost housing projects involving their personal initial financial commitment for partnership.

Our aim is to encourage youths to pay attention to food security in agriculture to reduce or avoid hunger completely; pay attention to the curative potency of water (watercure) for a healthy lifestyle because only healthy people can farm. Attention should also be paid to shelter issues because of insufficient accommodation.

How Does Alltofarm Address A Need?

  • The project alltofarm is going to be a community and youth sustainable development project. (Peace need).
  • A big hope for youth and workers going on retirement (retirement needs).
  • Healthy food is a need, job creating opportunity is also a need, when every youth is engaged then security need coming in may have been addressed.
  • Our farm is going to be a training centre for youth, women and community development in Agriculture and success studies in general.
  • It is going to be a personal project development centre for members. That is why we are establishing at least one training centre now per LGA if not one per community. In our training centre’s, members will learn how to work, earn money, save, invest, access loan, manage loan repayment and empowerment initiative via skill acquisition. During holidays student should come for vocational studies, members are also to be thought how to market other people products. In fact our youths going into robbery because of hunger for food, will be a thing of the past especially, for those who embrace the concept.

Watercure: For water matter, over 90% of our people are in the dark when it comes to the watercure program. Meanwhile nobody desire to be sick, yes this idea will address the need to be healthy through watercure for the general wellness of our people, because only healthy person can farm.

It will make us to be conscious of what we put into our mouth on a daily bases. If the aspect of alltofarm (watercure) is embraced by the government, it will transform good governance and help to reduce the cost of health, thereby making the populace to save reasonable money that can be used to address other needs, especially in Agriculture.

Shelter: Remember that alltofarm focus on watercure, food & shelter. The aim is to mobilize the youth into Agriculture and then mobilize landlords and financially sound Tenants into low cost housing projects, all for massive job creation in commerce, water, food, agriculture, construction, industries e.t.c .

The money generated from, the existing properties of landlords and the monthly housing fund contribution is enough reason why a Bank will be willing to partner with us. The certificate of ownership of our housing project can be used as collateral for Agric. Loan in the Bank. Most of our landlord ties down money with their building hoping to recover their money from Tenant. And that has lead to unnecessary increment of rent in the urban area.

Whereas, a house of N10m with certificate of ownership, getting a loan of N10m or more can generate extra N10m yearly from Agriculture which is enough to get a free house in 5yrs and stop introducing hardship on tenants.

What Is Unique About Alltofarm?

A better language to replace operation “feed the nation” is Alltofarm. The uniqueness of this project is a formula for partnership drive. A program that can make every indigene of a community a proud farmer/self-reliant, if the Foundation, IOC’s and Royal fathers makes it part of their mandate.

For example, In 2005/2006 YEEP program of Delta State, participants were supposed to be empowered with One Million Naira (N1m) each in Agriculture, such fund during training can be part of their investment in our farm from where profit is generated to develop their own project on graduation so that when such money is paid back to the government, it can be used to empower others.

Our farm under the co-operative will establish community and youth development farm in villages or land(s) acquired outside their community of origin, where the illustrious sons of such villages including the Government will be encourage to invest in meaningful sustainable development project in their own community or acquired land(s).

This is a farm program that may change government Agricultural policy on adequate food production.

Alltofarm in Nigeria is a project design to generate N6billion from 1million members per state to empower youth in Agriculture. Purely to showcase Agricultural revolution in Africa starting from Delta state.

Each city/Community and LGA will have a farm to produce their food and a city/Community farm club will be established to encourage people in that city/Community to support food production by way of been a member to Alltofarm.

We intend to run farms for co-operate organization such as PTI, DPR, Shell, Chevron, Nigeria Police, Nigeria Army, Nigeria Navy, Daccima, individual, schools, ministries etc.

These organizations can equally be unit investors in our farm, imagine a farm where everyone will have their own farm in the farm settlement. E.g. Keke Riders, Carpenter, Teachers, Field workers and many others that their job will permit them to be practical farmers. For those whose job does not permit will have to give out such opportunity to Alltofarm as an investor. Alltofarm is a project of your work, your business, your farm and shelter where interested person generate fund to achieve their personal goal via practical farming, membership drive or outright loan and if possible grant.

What Is The Market Opportunity For Alltofarm?

Food production is never surplus particularly in Africa that is why prices appreciate every day, thereby affecting other areas of life activities.

For the sale of product, members will be trained on the use of the farmers shop as a central market to handle all farmers in our membership.

There are some countries whose soil fertility has reduced by 60% if you put N100 into such soil, your return is N40. Such countries are willing to consume our product.

The market is so large that until everybody including the government and food organization embrace Alltofarm, to meet local demand may be difficult, not to talk of international market.

On watercure: the market opportunities of watercure is very large because over 90% of the water we drink either from our boreholes or the water sold in the market as at the time of writing this proposal are merely acidic water, this is shown from the various test we carried out within the few period.

In-fact most wealthy men in the state will need this program because nearly all of them are sick from one ailment or the other due to the work load in their hand and alkaline water shortage in their body.

Shelter: see question 2

Who Are The Key Players?

  1. Eduvie .O. Anthony: The founder, owner, initiator and Director General of the project, who now dedicated ownership of free fractional ownership to over 100 leaders that are ready to work with him on equal privilege benefits. Apart from the niche carved out in how we spend annual dues.
  2. Eduvie .O. Mahat: The only surviving members with the D.G from phase 1 of the project (04-11-1990- 04-11-2015) He is the Africa Fin. Sec.
  3. David Ichakor Joel: Africa Sec. General joined us in August 2015
  4. Aboh Markson: Africa publicity secretary joined us in September 2015
  5. Chief. Mrs. Felicia Diedjomaho: A senior Agric officer chosen by the NGO to be our State director ALLTOFARM.
  6. Paul Okpue: Our senior member, the former house of Assembly member Delta State is our tomatoes, pepper, onion, okro, cucumber e.t.c. Farm teacher.
  7. Sir Chief Simon Asite: The first State chamber President to house ALLTOFARM Youth and Women training centre at state level for Delta State. He’s the current president of Delta Association Of Chambers, Commerce Industry, Mines and Agriculture (DACCIMA)
  8. Chief Emmanuel Avworo: The first chamber president to house ALLTOFARM at chamber level. He’s the current president Ethiope Chamber Of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ETCCIMA).
  9. Pastor Evangelist S.U Ayayen: The first ALLTOFARM demonstration farm Landlord. Our patron who gave us over 50 acres of land to initiate practical farm without asking for money.
  10. 10. Alex Sharta: Our patron that supported us with N3.7 million in 2015 alone.




  1. Chief O.T.S. Adibor: The first Deltan to sponsor ALLTOFARM Watercure campaign in Delta State. He also donated our first training centre, Uvwie chapter, the second training centre Sapele chapter and also bought most of our training
  2. Comr. Victor Okemena M. Egbo (Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth & Community Development): The sponsor of this program (OKOWA ALLTOFARM DELTA YOUTH)

The no 2, 3, 4, above where the faithful followers as key players that enable the result we are working on now.

Other key players are expected to key behind the available record as we recruit 100 more leaders, phase1. The 100 leaders must come from the 25 LGA’s with one LGA to produce 4 each, to be train in one week on ability and attitude before or after the flagging off of the program.

What Is Our Leaders Personal Role Going To Be?

The parent body and product owner of Alltofarm is called Eager Goals Services.

Our majors job as leaders is communities and youth sustainable development projects, training, campaign and management consultancy. Alltofarm goal is an Eager Goal (watercure, Food&Shelter Goals) and so we embark on.

  1. Watercure, Food&shelter campaign ie. Alltofarm campaign A.k.a food ambassadors in Delta State.
  2. Move from place to place forming co-operative units, teaching and establishing campaign centers among community members in clusters, teaching them how to access financial assistance from relevant authorities, covert some of their exist clubs where they waste money to where the generate money to do their own business with farming as the foundation.
  3. Source for information that will help members via the chambers of commerce across Delta State.
  4. Source for finance and to assist members via banking partnership
  5. Go for promoters drive to invest into our central farm, central housing project and central water projects.
  6. Organizing seminars all over the place campaigning for donors/philanthropist (those that can help). Those that need help especially people with interest in practical Agriculture.
  7. Mass mobilization of women and youths into watercure, food (agriculture) and shelter campaign with minimum membership target of 1 million in Delta State.
  8. Formation of centers will includes churches, schools, NYSC camps, as a teaching centre where focus will be on capacity building and co-operative society activities.

What Is The Marketing Strategies And Structure That We Intend Using?

-Organize awareness seminar and hold meetings with the press regularly

-Do a TV talk show and radio program together with print-media

– Organizing seminars to palaces of our Royal fathers, churches, school ranging from primary to the university level, NYSC camps.

– Regular seminar on weekly/monthly basis in all the chapters

-Recruit marketing staff to run a centre/chapter as leaders in a team called team 1.1.1

– The structure of the market in Delta will look like the following below.

1- One State executive body

25-LGA State executive bodies

X – Communities executive bodies depending on the number of communities in an LGA.

Each of these executive bodies lead a chapter as a;

  • Co-operative unit
  • Teaching centre for alltofarm
  • Campaign centre

We also adopt the multi level marketing concept for speedy growth on membership drive which is not compulsory.

-For those who want to rely on the co-operative benefit only should see the publication of pain co-operative as attached.

-we shall also adopt internet marketing model.

What Will Members Pay And Where Or How Can They Be Part Of Alltofarm?

You don’t pay anything to join us provided you have passion for Agriculture. There are three categories of membership (1) observing members or free members (2) funding members (Annual due paying members) and (3) business members or co-operative members. Level of membership for funding and business member include:

Bronze member- (junior)                        N30,000 yearly 1st year is N186,000

Silver member – (Senior)                         N60,000

Gold member –(Executive)                    N90,000

Diamond       – (Senior Executive)         N120,000

Platinum – (Executive Director )           N150,000

The various categories can be used in running any scheme eg ourshop- ourfarm- ourshelter. Those who cannot come into funding at this level may pass through ourshop as cluster group to be in ourfarm or ourshelter.

The farm will indicate which category in available for a particular scheme.

As members participate in any of the co-operative scheme the membership due will be paid with their compulsory monthly contribution so that it becomes easy to be deducted yearly to enable compensation to qualify members.

NOTE: If the youth empowerment does not involve their personal initial financial commitment, all the money to be spent will enter voice-mail, so even if the governor will give us 3billion naira to empower youth, they must follow our ALLTOFARM way of membership drive. The sure way of paying back the money to the government. But if the money is a free fund then it is another sure way of increasing it to empower others (which is a sustainable development).

What Are The Conditions For Membership Acceptance?

  1. Any member coming in must do so through an existing member as referee.
  2. You must have an account (saving or current) with First Bank for now, or a partnership Bank for this programme.
  3. You must have a DYA or an MTN line.
  4. You must obtain a free reference letter from the person who introduces you.
  5. Join us with free registration according to capacity for annual dues and monthly contributions.
  6. If your category of membership is an observer, no financial commitment is expected of you.
  7. If your category of membership is a funding member, then whatever you give to us is seen as supporting fund, or sponsor fund or basic training fee without return on investment of financial expectation. Bronze member N 30,000, silver member N 60,000, gold member N 90,000, Diamond member N 120,000, platinum member N150,000.
  8. If you come in as a business member, then you are expected to join the co-operative society where you can obtain loan for personal project.
  9. You are expected to be part of the running cost of your centre.
  10. Whatever you pay as membership due is used for the running of the central office and central project which is a reflection of number 7 above.
  11. Save towards a need e.g. personal agric loan, personal building, personal house rent or fractional property ownership according to capacity.
  12. You may work towards any form of award via membership drive which is not   compulsory.
  13. Your annual due involves a extra non-refundable commitment of N6,000 towards the minimum N6b to be generated annually in Delta state from alltofarm Landlord, as youths and women empowerment project fund. You are expected to buy fractional ownership into our central project of Water, Food and Shelter. Though not compulsory unless you are a Landlord.
  14. You are expected to be part of our saving contribution club to instill saving culture into our members.
  15. After your first annual due as either a funding or business member, subsequent annual dues are deducted from savings.
  16. Membership withdrawal from our co-operative comes with a 6 month notice.
  17. There is no membership withdrawal from our fractional ownership or central project.
  18. A dormant membership number can be re-allotted.
  19. All projects including farms are under the supervision of Eager Goals Services via. ALLTOFARM centers as the management consultant and products/idea ownership.
  20. There is penalty for the following conditions (co-operative/business members only)
  21. Absenteeism from trainings and meetings.
  22. Lateness to training and meetings.
  23. Unfaithful subscriptions/ contributions.
  24. Members must buy the co-operative bye laws provided by the government and need to know what co-operative society entails as it is a part of our training. This will help members in terms of ethics and values.
  25. Member must save up to six months as it is enshrined in the buy laws of the cooperative society before applying for loan.
  26. Member in the group may be able to access loan from the banks according to the bank’s condition.
  27. No member working alone should use the name of the group ALLTOFARM to seek either assistance, loan, or otherwise.
  28. Any member working alone does so at his/her own risk/peril eg SSA mobilize fund.
  29. A member applying for loan must provide guarantors whose money(s) is (are) equal to a hundred percent of intended loan except for external group loan where there is a cross guarantee.
  30. A member as a guarantor cannot assess loan or withdraw his/her membership easily.
  31. Every member is expected to market the concept ALLTOFARM through MLM, though not compulsory but there is compensation for active members in membership drive and mentorship. Please see the page of your income potential for membership drive if you so wish.
  32. PLEASE KNOW THIS: That Eager Goals Service (Anthony O Eduvie and his pioneer team) is the founder, initiator and manager of all Eager Goals Concepts of which ALLTOFARM is one.

Therefore, all principal partners including Investors, Sponsors, even godfathers and patrons, executive management team and general members must work to keep the relationship alive so that the founder and his principal partners will always have the final say over democratic decision from the executives and not seen as rebels as it is a common practice in Africa with smart people where the initiators or idea owners are thrown out of their business opportunities after break even point with the man-made laws due to smartness.

  1. Please do not commit yourself if:
  2. You are not sure of yourself.
  3. You do not believe in us.
  4. You do not believe in our vision and mission statement.
  5. You are a trouble maker or a pretender
  6. You like unnecessary arguments.
  7. You believe in claiming right.
  8. You are a fault finder not a remedy provider.
  9. If you cannot avoid becoming our enemy.
  10. Never invest what you cannot afford to loss into our central project (ALLTOFARM) e.g. our shop, our farm, our shelter e.t.c because that investment is a venture capital.
  11. You can however save or invest what you cannot afford to loss into the co-operative society or the cooperative society project in our central project because the byelaw provides safety for such fund.
  12. These conditions of membership acceptance may be amended from time to time with notice to members.
  13. If you have any question(s) or complain(s) please do not hesitate to call the following numbers:   08121336023, 08060323750

N/B: Don’t find a fault. Find remedy

  1. Every body is a student of Eager Goals e.g. ALLTOFARM. And so your annual dues/service charge is regarded as training fees or campaign fund or our vision support fund, because if we should evaluate the value of our services rendered in reality it will be difficult for members to participate.
  2. You can participate as ALLTOFARM Landlord, tenant, farmer, student, public servant, civil servant, youth, and minister e.t.c or to create jobs for our youth.
  3. The gateway to all income/payments is Eager Goals Services Acc/NO. 2009414554 with FBN for now or as may be suggested by the sponsor.
  4. Alltofarm is non political, non religion and non tribal even as we key into the government prosperity for all deltans agenda.
  5. Alltofarm is not for birthday party, burial ceremonies, marriage ceremonies and the likes
  6. Alltofarm benefits are based on: (1) relationship building (2) seeking knowledge through training (3) living a healthy lifestyle (4) making money through co-operative society activities marketing and (5) acquiring properties through co-operative buying.
  7. The summary of our constitution is know and embraced what is good, avoid what is bad, and love your neighbor as yourself
  8. Going to court or the police station for solution to our problems is not part of our Alltofarm design.
  9. See the procedure for building our centers (Co-operative units) in communities, village, cities, LGA, states or countries as attached.
  10. Anybody that misuse the relationship build through Alltofarm does so @ his or her own risk i.e alltofarm cannot beheld responsible for misusing the relationship built in allofarm family.
  11. Only products approved for sales in our centre by the DG can be sold by any member.


                   WE DON’T DESTORY

What Are The Schemes Available For Now?

Alltofarm Youth

Alltofarm Farmers

Alltofarm Landlord

Alltofarm Tenant

Alltofarm Rent

Alltofarm Student

Alltofarm Car Owners

Alltofarm Keke

Alltofarm Teachers

Alltofarm Trade Union

Alltofarm Dating

Detail of these scheme can be made available where explanation is necessary.

What Kind Of Partnership Do We Intend To Have?

We need the partnership of all Royal Fathers, willing individuals, corporate organization to support us with land and landed properties.

Our major partner should be authorities like;

  1. Naccima(Nigeria Association of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture)
  2. All state chambers e.g Daccima(Delta Association Of Chamber Of Commerce, Industry, Mines And Agriculture)
  3. All city chambers e.g Etccima, Waccima etc
  4. All farmers Association of Nigeria
  5. State youth council eg Delta state youth council
  6. NYSC
  7. Relevant Ministries of Agric. Commence & industries, finance, water resources , works and housing e.t.c.
  8. Banks
  9. NGOs
  10. Schools
  11. Many other relevant bodies including the government

What Do We Have On Ground?

We have everything needed on ground, apart from publicity fund that may require 300,000 to 30million naira per month till November 4th 2040.

Pls see our campaign budget on question.

How Much Is Needed To Start And Run This Campaign?

Below is my budget to be run according to capacity till 2040, after the initial 3-12m take off for publicity.


  1. SMS 10,000
  2. FLYERS             10,000
  3. INTERNET:            10,000
  4. OFFICE/RENT HOUSE             30,000

     60,000 ——- A1 X12 = 720K

  1. RECHARGE CARD 15,000
  2. OFFICE GIRL 15,000

     90,000——–A2 X 12 =1.08M

  1. CAR FUEL/MAINTENANCE             60,000

150,000——A3 X12 =1.8M

  1. SALARY FOR EDUVIE.O.ANTHONY                     150,000

300,000——-A4 X 12 =3.6M

  1. RADIO ADVERT 50,000
  2. CAR FUND 75,000

500,000——-A X 12= 6M

  1. SALARY FOR 10-30 PERSONS OF 450,000


  1. TV ADVERT 50,000

1,000,000—–B X 12 = 12M


1,500,000——C X 12 =18M


3,000,000——D X 12 = 36M

How Much Can Be Generated With The Initial Take Off?

At the membership of One Million, N6b can be generated as youth empowerment fund in agriculture. Where instruction is strictly adhered to, it is achievable in one year.

What About The Cost Of Running The Community Information Centre?

Cost of youth information and skill acquisition centre for an LGA/ Community (minimum).

  1. 2bedroom flat N300,000
  2. 10 Computer systems N300,000
  3. 2 Generators N100,000
  4. 2 Projectors N200,000
  5. 2 Laptops N200,000
  6. Woofers N100,000
  7. 2mega phones N100,000
  8. 50 plastic chairs for seminars N100,000
  9. 10 computer chairs N100,000

N 1.5m

  1. Office beauty N1.5m
  2. Campaign bus (L 300) N1.5m
  3. Others N1.5m

13 L.G.A farm                                                    N6.0m

N 12m

What Is The Procedures For Building Our Centers (Co-Operative Units) In Communities, Villages, Cities, L.G.A, States Or Countries?

  1. Register as a member of Eager goals program e.g. ALLTOFARM youth, landlords, tenants, farmers, students, e.t.c.
  2. Get 3-10 persons to register.
  3. Appoint the leaders.
  4. Determine individual saving capacity, minimum of N3, 000 monthly.
  5. Determine annual due minimum of N2, 500 monthly.
  6. Start saving/contribution observing members not inclusive.
  7. At the membership of 10,visit the high chief of the community, the community chairman, police post if any to present our vision and mission statement.
  8. Seek their support for land, training hall/office.
  9. At the membership of 40 visit the Royal father of that kingdom, chairman and the DPO of that LGA.
  10. Register the group separately with the government.
  11. Have bank account opened for the group as they are form into cluster of 10.
  12. Introduce the group to (a) a micro fiancé bank (b) Agric bank (c) First bank (d) and relevant financial authorities for assistance.
  13. Introduce the group to community empowerment center using its town hall or a sponsor hall as the training center for information, jobs creation and community development campaign programme.
  14. Initiate the community and the youth information centre. Please see the cost of the N12m for sustaining a centre in question (15) in our proposal.
  15. The group should have a community shop (our shop) e.t.c.
  16. Register the group with the nearest chambers of commerce, industry, mines, and agriculture centre e.g. ETCCIMA.
  17. Initiate common farm project.
  18. All community directors /executives report to LGA directors/executives.

All LGA directors /executives report to state directors/executives

All state directors/executives report to zonal directors/executives

All zonal directors /executives report to national directors/executives

All national directors/executives report to group national directors/executives

All national group directors/executives report to director general /executives

  1. At a membership of 120 in an LGA, plan visit to the following:
  • State governor
  • State co-operative director
  • Commissioner for commence and industry
  • Commissioner for women affairs
  • Commissioner for youth development
  • Commissioner for agriculture
  • Your LGA chairman
  • Your LGA security heads e.g. DPO
  • State CBN director
  • Other relevant authorities e.g. NDDC, DESOPADEC, NAPEP, FADAMA etc.



NB: Our interest is to build and train a co-operative group that can take care of their fund and projects to make their centre sustainable.


The step above becomes necessary to register our presence in every city and community for security reasons. For enquires please contact the D.G 08121336023, 08060323750.

What Is The Business Opportunity For Members That Is Ready To Market This Concept?

Introduce one member to us as a bronze member paying N18, 600 yearly, as part of his/her N 30,000 annual due, you will get N1000 credited to your bank account.

If you introduce 10 persons you get N10, 000.

If your 10 get their 10 i.e. 100, you get N100,000, credited to your bank account in N1,000 per member form processed in your level 2, N300,000 to farm, 100x50ft land minimum to farm on and one week training on ability and attitude development with free accommodation and feeding during the training.

Additionally, if the arrangement we intend having with relevant authorities is to work out then, we will appreciate their recommended support e.g. it is our intention to request support from each state government to provide extra N400,000 while our banking partner provides another N300,000 making a total of N1,000,000 to a member who has worked.

Note: AllToFarm N300, 000 support is free, deduced from membership due as our suppose income dedicated to empower committed members in membership drive but support from the government and our banking partner may be loan. For those who do not believe in membership drive will have to get support from grant or co-operative loan as cluster group.

This you may enjoy yearly, if minimum of active members in your level 2 is up to 100 yearly.

Note also:

When your level 2 = 2 persons you get one carton of Cassalina or its equivalent, if your level 2=10 you get one Mineral Waterpot or its equivalent.

The journey continue with level 3, where your 100 at level 2 gets their 10 each i.e 1000 members × N1,000 = N1,000,000 yearly.

Level 4 = 10,000 members × N1, 000 = N10, 000,000 yearly. Payment may continue in this order to level 5 yearly.

How Do We Spend The Service Charge/Annual Due Generated?

Bronze member     N30,000

  1. Gift items 1100                                                             1100
  2. D & form 1000                                                             2100
  3. ACP 5000                                                              7100
  4. Leaders 1000                                                              8100
  5. Sponsors 1000                                                              9100
  6. Tony 1000                                                              10100
  7. Award 4000                                                              14100
  8. Egs 1500                                                              15600
  9. Working fund 3000                                                              18600
  10. CYAWEF 6000                                                              24600
  11. shirt & Face Cap 3000 27600
  12. Calendar 1000                                                              28600
  13. Diary 1400                                                              30000


Silver member, AllToFarm Landlord                                         60,000

  1. YEF 1100
  2. ID 1000                                                              2100
  3. ACP 10000                                                                        12100
  4. Leaders 2000                                                              14100
  5. Sponsors 2000                                                              16100
  6. Tony 2000                                                              18100
  7. Award 20000                                                                        38100
  8. Egs 3000                                                              41100
  9. Working funds 6000 47100
  10. CYAWEF   6000                                                              53100
  11. T-shirt 3000                                                              56100
  12. Calendar   1000                                                              57100
  13. Diary 1400                                                              57500
  14. Reserve   2500                                                              60000

Where Have We Been Getting Money To Run The Campaign?

We use the profit generated from the sales of the following products in run AllToFarm campaign.

CP                           SP                            P

  1. Mineral water pots 15000                                    20000                                    5000
  2. PH Test Kit           1500                          2000                          500
  3. 4salt                       12000                                    15000                                    3000
  4. A grow                                     2500                          3000                          500
  5. YBCW                       600                             1000                          400
  6. 7FKFH                        1500                         2000                          500

                                                                31100                              43000                       9900

                                                                              i.e 31.8% profit per batch

If we can get N3M to put into these products, per LGA making the money needed per LGA to be 15m, then we can run the campaign successfully.

What Is Repayment Plan If The Start Up Capital Of 3million Naira Is A Loan Of 3% Per Month On The Reducing Balance With 6 Months Moratorium And Loan Tenure Of 36 Months?


Months Capital balance Capital refund Interest on monthly Total monthly payment
1 3,000,000 100,000 90,000 190,000
2 2,900,000 100,000 87,000 187,000
3 2,800,000 100,000 84,000 184,000
4 2,700,000 100,000 81,000 181,000
5 2,600,000 100,000 78,000 178,000
6 2,500,000 100,000 75,000 175,000
7 2,400,000 100,000 72,000 172,000
8 2,300,000 100,000 69,000 169,000
9 2,200,000 100,000 66,000 166,000
10 2,100,000 100,000 63,000 163,000
11 2,000,000 100,000 60,000 160,000
12 1,900,000 100,000 57,000 157,000
13 1,800,000 100,000 54,000 154,000
14 1,700,000 100,000 51,000 151,000
15 1,600,000 100,000 48,000 148,000
16 1,500,000 100,000 45,000 145,000
17 1,400,000 100,000 42,000 142,000
18 1,300,000 100,000 39,000 139,000
19 1,200,000 100,000 36,000 136,000
20 1,100,000 100,000 33,000 133,000
21 1,000,000 100,000 30,000 130,000
22 900,000 100,000 27,000 127,000
23 800,000 100,000 24,000 124,000
24 700,000 100,000 21,000 121,000
25 600,000 100,000 18,000 118,000
26 500,000 100,000 15,000 115,000
27 400,000 100,000 12,000 112,000
28 300,000 100,000 9,000 109,000
29 200,000 100,000 6,000 106,000
30 100,000 100,000 3,000 103,000
    3,000,000 1,395,000 4,395,000

This table is only a guild to the loan repayment because the interest rate and management fee may vary from one bank or financial authority to the other. In the case of the 15m, and LGA will have to pay times five of what you have in the table above.

How Many Job Can Be Created Yearly With Alltofarm?

With the N 6b empowerment fund campaign per state, minimum of 6000 jobs can be created yearly.

What Is The Promise To The People?

AllToFarm can create job for everybody in the farm within Delta if not within Africa.

What Is The Guide To Their Income (Budget)?



NAME:______________________________________PHONE NO:_____________

RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:_______________________________________________

BUSINESS ADDRESS:__________________________________________________


STATE OF ORIGIN:_________________________L.G.A.______________________

HOME TOWN(PATERNAL):______________________MATERNAL:_____________



HEIGHT:_________WEIGHT:_______BLOOD GROUP:________GENOTYPE:______

  1. FOOD………………………N
  2. SHELTER/RENT…………………N
  3. TRANSPORT…………………N
  4. EDUCATION:………………… N
  5. SECURITY:……………………. N
  6. LIGHT ENERGY…………….. N
  8. CLOTHING…………………… N
  9. LIFE GOALS…………………. N.
  10. OUTING COST……………… N
  11. FUEL………………………….… N
  12. CAR…………………………….. N
  13. GENERATOR………………. N
  14. OTHERS…………………..…. N
  16. COMMUNITY EXP……….. N
  17. HYGIENE………………………….. N
  19. DEBT……………………………….. N
  20. DRINK…………………………….. .N
  21. END OF YEAR EXP……………… N
  22. HOLIDAYS EXP………………….. N

This question is a training on its own to enable members manage personal income

Action Step And Cost Analysis For The Sponsor?

  • Training of 100 leaders @ N 100,000 per youth for one week N10m
  • Empowering each LGA with N15m            N 375m
  • Flagging off of the programme by the governor @ the state

headquarter Asaba                                                                                         N10m

  • The trade exhibition for the first year harvest from the 25 LGAs to

be witness by the governor                                                                             N25m

  • State tour with the SSA according to the 25 LGAs    N50m
  • Initial Alltofarm supervision fees    N 30m

Total                                                                                                                       N 500m

The analysis above only cover the first year commitment, every other year will generate over N 500m for sustainability.

Summary And Conclusion

What we need is the fund to meet the monthly budget as stated in question 13 above. Believing that alltofarm is the key to community development for job creation for our youths and women. The first of its kind in Africa where people graduate into farm via membership drive.

The pioneers can never regret embracing the initiative. Delta will be the number one state in Africa to start this programme.

I encourage anyone who knows the value of Watercure, Food&shelter to support Alltofarm with whatever they can offer.

While those who participate in the pain co-operate will maintain their right and privilege according to the bye-law provided by the government.

Remember this project can generate over 12billion naira yearly. If we stay long enough in the practical farm and campaign to achieve it which will go a long way to support our community youths and women empowerment intension.


Partner with us as we wish you a fruitful business relationship.

Eduvie O. Anthony  
Director General /Founder Alltofarm

Comr. Victor Okemena M. Egbo
Senior Special Assistant To the Governor on Youth & Community Development