Alltofarm offers flexible schemes that are available to almost everyone, from Students to Teachers, Tenants to Landlords, Farmers to Public Servants, Keke Riders to Bus Drivers, etc. Our schemes are designed to help you fulfill your dreams…


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Why We Want You to Join Us.

Alltofarm is here to stay, here are some convincing reasons with breakdowns why you should be a part of this body. Please click on the “read more” button below to learn more.

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HARVESTING All parts of the crop (stems, leaves and tuberous roots) can be harvested for specific markets.   STEMS There is usually a high demand for planting materials...
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PREPARATION OF PLANTING MATERIALS Use sharp tools preferably a secateurs or cutlass to cut stems into stakes for planting. Avoid bruising the stems. Smooth cuts enhance...
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CHOICE OF LAND Choose well-drained, deep, loamy soils. Where such is not available sandy and clayey soils can be managed intensively for cassava production. However,...
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Alltofarm Now in Edo State

Today, the 24th of January, 2017 marks a...
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What Our Members are Saying

“Since I became an Alltofarm member I have gained a lot, knowledge wise, especially in the area of ‘relationship benefit’ where I learnt that ‘the people you know is more important than what you know as a person’.”

Otis Efeoghene

“Being in alltofarm has helped me gained the necessary knowledge that has helped improved my health. I have also come to realize that farming is a lucrative business. I am now a proud farmer.”

Dorris Omatsola

Eduvie Anthony, Director General of Alltofarm

From the DG, Alltofarm

Every investor should have a co-operative spirit for results and every member should have the encouragement to encourage one another for the co-operative spirit to work. No body can do it alone now, the era of ‘I’ is gone, it is now  ‘We’. Lets come together, do it together, own it together; it is called fractional ownership. “We share the pain, we share the gain”.

Eduvie Anthony, Director General of Alltofarm.